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A business plan focuses on your goals and objectives and lays out where you have come from, where you are now, where you are going, and how you are going to get there. Business plans are usually prepared for start-up situations. Whether you are starting a new business, expanding an existing one, or trying to make your business more profitable, if you want to increase your chances of success, write a business plan! Evaluating Your Idea. By clearly identifying goals and objectives, a business plan establishes a direction for your company, and provides a means of measuring performance against the goals and objectives that were set.

By setting priorities, the business plan provides focus. Thinking about these points in advance helps you to determine how your product or service fits into the marketplace and how you can position your company to attract customers.

The business plan also forces you to deal with potential problems before they occur. It forces you to deal with areas that you may not be familiar with, such as marketing, budgeting, and finance. By being exposed to these areas before you start your business, you will be improving your management skills.


More importantly, it will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses, and point you in directions to address your weaknesses. A business plan is also a selling document. It is a vehicle for selling your company, both to yourself and to other stakeholders. Other stakeholders may include your business partners, potential investors, bankers, and venture capitalists.

As a selling document, a well written business plan will convince both yourself and others that your business can be successful. A well written business plan will lay out both your strengths and weaknesses and will demonstrate how you plan to deal with potential problems. No two business plans are alike, and the format you decide to use for your business plan will depend on your circumstances.

However, all business plans should be written in a concise, structured format. The contents of your plan will vary according to the type of industry you are in, or whether you are a retail business, service, manufacturing, or wholesale. Do you have a backup? Are you prepared to lose any personal assets invested?

A Step-by-Step Guide to Business Plans

Did you take your time and ponder on all these questions? At this point it would be best to make a short re-analysis to see if your idea is still viable. So, in light of the above, think of why you are doing this once again.

6 elements to include in a business plan

What are your personal goals and what skill do you bring to the table in order to put your plan into action. Is your product or service well defined?

Getting Started

Would it survive in the current market? How will you differentiate from other competitors and what are your financial capacities? There are many different styles of writing a business plan. While most have a cover, an introduction and a table of contents, the actual chapters might vary in name and structure. But all of them still refer to some core aspects that need to be explained.

So your initial working draft for any and all types of plans should contain the following information, many of which might require you to do some actual research before having them detailed:. After having all this information written down, you might consider structuring it in one of the following ways. These are not set in stone. As long as you have all essential information and structure, your business plan should represent how you want your company to be seen.

Make sure you also write it using a style that addresses your key audience. If you will be using it to attract investors, you might want to emphasize your projected cash flow and profits in the financial section and talk about your commitment to deadlines in the executive summary. If you wish to recruit more specialized personnel, include a detailed development plan and how your management team will interact with employees. Pin point your key goals and objectives and create interest in their details. Make sure to add a cover, a table of contents and an appendix section if necessary to keep everything clean and structured.

Though these may seem simple additions to your business plan, they can sometimes be the key details that make yours a very successful one. But some people are more analytical and like to see additional pertinent information backing up their ideas; some are more creative and would like to start the innovation directly in their documentation; or some would want simply to walk the extra mile to make their business plan bullet proof.

In case you have an already running business that you want to expand or re-finance, you might want to add:. In more recent years, the afflux of new business has risen considerably, partly due to sites such as kickstarter. This has led to new sections being commonly added to all business plans as a form of responding to modern needs of current businesses. Psychographics are added to customer analysis to provide deeper insight on consumer needs and wants by presenting their lifestyle, habits and interests on the concerned segments.

Social media strategies complete marketing plans by adding the virtual aspect of a business as a much needed strategic advantage nowadays. Contingency plans go hand in hand with success plans , where you assure your stakeholders that an unexpected success will be put to the same good use as an exit plan would. Especially when wanting to recruit in hi-tech specialized environments, an Employee engagement plan is a must if you want to keep up with the latest trends.

And last but not least, an Innovation statement will likely soon become a critical component of business plans, as our culture increasingly promotes innovation as an intentional, important developmental process for the long run.

How to Make an Ecommerce Business Plan for Your Startup

The way we do business changes exponentially each year. Long standing companies have learned to adapt quickly to their environment and thus survived and even thrived.

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As we were discussing new trends in developing business plans, it is fair to say that we absolutely must discuss the technology available to make this development process easier. These programs are equipped with sample plans, industry profiles, templates, and the possibility to export to a variety of formats or even import your own figures. Licenses may be considered quite expensive though and financial samples are most often dated.

There is also the possibility of using sites especially designed to help you with creating business plans. Both LivePlan and Trello work as platforms where you can upload all necessary information in a given structure and create value propositions , cost structure or even business pitches.

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You can always update the data and generate new forecasts, easily share your strategic goals on a dashboard or cross-check your plans with your overseas partner, all in a user friendly interface. The end result is a dynamic adaptable business plan to fit your needs.

Key Concepts

Both offer a simple solution for getting your business essentials boiled down to easy to read key points. While this too helps mostly to outline your business idea and structure its main points, the added value of this is the possibility to test, tweak and update your business model in a swift manner, helping you make sure that it ultimately works. New tools become available each month, peers are ready to review them and a surprising number are actually free.

And even older platforms and sites can come in handy in different ways, like using Pinterest as a visual business plan or setting deadlines and planning deliverables with Google Calendar. The only limit thus becoming our willingness to innovate. Even though there still is defining criteria requested when developing a business plan, recent economical culture has made it less rigorous in construct, more widely accessible and easier to put together.

But whichever way you choose to personalize it, your business plan will be the first business card for your future company. Make it count. E-mail is already registered on the site.

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